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ipod nano 6th gen

  1. napabar

    iPod 30-pin Microphones for 6th Gen Ipod Nano?

    Has anyone ever used one of the 30-pin iPod external mics on the 6th Gen Nano? I've heard those that work on the 4th and 5th Gen Nanos will work on the 6th, but I'm not sure if the are talking about the 30-Pin mics, or the one that use the 3.5mm jack. To be clear, I'm only asking about the...
  2. mrsr71

    iPod iPod Nano, 6th Gen Music Copy/Transfer??

    Is there a way to copy all of the music from one iPod Nano (6th gen) to another iPod Nano (6th gen)? Currently using a MacBook Pro with Catalina v10.15.7 Thanks...
  3. M

    iPod iPod Nano (7th gen) NOT working with Apple Music

    I have an iPod Nano (7th gen) and a Macbook Pro. When I upgraded the Macbook Pro to Catalina the Apple Music app didn't work with the iPod Nano. It's been a few months but I think I recall that I couldn't create playlists in Apple Music that would appear in the iPod Nano. After that I downgraded...
  4. mrsr71

    Other iPod Nano V6 Inquiry

    When I plugin my Nano V6 to my MacBook Pro (Catalina), where is the music shown stored? In iTunes or the Music folder in Finder? Thanks....
  5. ktg5

    iPod Nano 6th gen running custom watchOS?

    I was looking at a post that was 9 years ago on here, and today, I was working on some art for something that is like watchOS about on a iPod Nano. It's just a idea tho, so yeah.