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  1. S

    Other Survey: IOS Health app usage

    Hello Apple enthusiasts, I'm working on improving the IOS Health app and I would like your help. Can you please answer the following survey? It will take you around 3 minutes and it's completely anonymous (no email or name is asked for)...
  2. P

    Year of workouts missing

    Hi guys, Bought a new iPhone (SE 2020) recently, backed up my old one (SE) and restored the new one from the backup. Signed in under the same Apple ID and almost all my workout awards, records and achievements are gone. The workouts copied in the new iPhone perfectly; however, the achievments...
  3. Mountaineer304

    So I've decided to sell my Apple Watch Series 4 44mm

    So I've been debating with myself these last few days about upgrading to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and I'm still undecided... But I'm going to sell my and the wife's Apple Watch Series 4's and upgrade to the 5's... My question is... Where would be the best place to sell them? Lol? Both watches are...
  4. sotrosh

    Apps Calculator Pi: Free app for iWatch

    Hi, Since Apple calculator is not available on Apple Watch and slightly poor with features on iPhone, I've developed app you can download for free which doesn't have any advertisement. Just try it: Download on the App Store
  5. sotrosh

    Universal Calculator Pi: No Ads and Free app for iPhone/iPad/iWatch

    Hi, Since Apple calculator is slightly poor with features I've developed app you can download for free which doesn't have any advertisement. Main features: History of Calculations Dark/Night Mode Copy/Share calculation result Showing Equation While Calculation Just try it: Download on the...
  6. gordonl

    Only iwatch clip case on the market with patent pending

    Hello, I design accessories for the Iwatch which i think you will find unique. One of my more popular designs is the Iwatch Clip Case (patent pending) for the 38mm and 42mm that fit models 1,2 and 3. They are 3d printed in strong Nylon and come in a variety of colors. I have uploaded some pics...
  7. dustinkinch

    iWatch Series 2 Feature Question - Shake Detection

    hey guys, i had a question that's been bothering me for a while now. so the iphone can detect when it's being shaken (undo typing, etc.) it just has this feature inherently. my question is does the iWatch also have this ability? thanks
  8. 1

    Reproduce-able "iwatch doesn't charge" issue. Any ideas?

    Hello Apple watch experts :) I am enjoying my new toy but there is something that seems to be wrong with it: After i am not using the watch for a week or so it stops charging. It shows me the green charging "snake" but iwatch won't turn on. Last time i let it discharge it was "charging" for 3...
  9. Original Human

    iWatch 2 nike edition unboxing

    I unboxed the new nike edition iWatch hope you like it!
  10. JacksonCraig94

    Apple Watch Strap recommendations

    Hey guys!! I'm wanting to buy a new watch strap but I can't find any decent designs. I have the 38mm Watch face. Post your watch strap findings with direct links. I currently use this watch strap. It's a great strap but I fancy something different...
  11. JacksonCraig94

    Apple's September 7th 2016 LIVE event.

    Hey guys. I thought i would make this post about the upcoming Apple event on the 7th. So then, who's going to be sitting at the laptop watching the LIVE event? I definitely will be. I'm most excited for the iPhone 7 Plus and Watch 2 announcement. I can't wait to get my hands on the iPhone 7 Plus...