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    Gaming and Joystick Help - Old iMac

    So I'm looking for Christmas present advice - have very little knowledge and would appreciate all help available. My dad has a very old iMac (09/10 I think), it's update to highest level of iOS it can but I'm not sure what that is. When we used to have a PC he loved to play games like Call of...
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    Joystick for Original Microprose MacSoft Falcon 4

    Is anyone playing the original Microprose MacSoft Falcon 4 for the Mac? Wondering if the new Thrustmaster T.16000 FCS HOTAS joystick and throttle will work with the game on a Mac. Saw another thread claiming that it works with OS X because it's plug and play even though it's made for PC's and...
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    GOG X-Wing + available joysticks

    Also referencing this previous thread here: I'm not much of a gamer any more, but, a long time ago I really enjoyed playing Lucas______ X-Wing Referencing the link above, has updated this game for...