1. A

    Has Finder QuickLook for JPGs improved in Mojave?

    Have been having issues with JPG QuickLook Finder previews since I got this laptop early this year (Macbook Pro 2017 15" 2.9 GHz currently on 10.13.4). Updated the OS several times from the version that came stock without any results. Was able to drastically reduce .CR2 preview load times with...
  2. rhimbo

    How to convert a jpg image to HD resolution...?

    Hello all, I have a jpg file that is 5146 x 1872 pixels. I'd like to reduce it to a maximum of 1920 x 1080 pixels. How can I do this on my Mac? I mean, can I retain the view of the photo (without cropping it) and reduce the resolution? I guess this would involve merging pixels to reduce...
  3. S

    Conversion when uploading from Photos to NAS

    Hi! I have just uploaded some photos from the Photos library on my Mac to a Synology NAS. Some of the files were jpeg and some were RAW (CR2). To my surprise, all the photos ended up as jpeg on the NAS. I have uploaded CR2 files from a Windows computer, where such conversion into jpeg did not...