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kernal panics

  1. JonoMacNZ

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro flashed 5,1 Kernal Panic NVME Card?

    hey Guys, Would appreciate some help. Last wee while I've been getting random kernel panics, usually when the Mac isn't being used but not in sleep, ie when I get up to make a coffee and come back... While another forum post stated it was compatable, I have a feeling it might be the NVME PCIE...
  2. SwissDataHoarder

    Macbook Pro 2018 after update 2

    Hello i made a poll about MacOS update 2. Would be cool if you can answer it to help other user with their purchase. Please everyone should answer, not only who has problems with the mac. thank you This poll is shared on apple...
  3. D

    10.9.5 constant kernal panics

    Hi guys i am running 10.9.5 on an older 15 inch Mid-2010 MacBook Pro. I have recently replaced my hard drive and done a clean install of 10.9.5 and all of my programs and i am still getting these infuriating kernel panics, i Do run a version of Pro Tools (11.3.1) but it all checks out with my...
  4. D

    Kernel Panic Help, (Always happens when I quit Firefox...)

    Can anyone help with this. It happen almost always when I quit firefox and does not seem to happen any other time. Here is the report. Thanks all. Anonymous UUID: FD1A82C4-9A66-AA07-ACF1-439CA0B8D3B7 Mon Jul 2 14:11:45 2018 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 1 caller 0xffffff8005787d3d): Kernel...
  5. G

    Resolved Mac restarts randomly. Attached reports.

    Config : Macbook pro 13" mid 2012, Mac OS High Sierra, 256SSD, 4GB Ram It restarts randomly, after it freezes. Sometimes it also gets stuck in the boot screen. The verbose result is shown in the image. Found a temporary fix. Whenever it gets stuck, if I do a first aid from recovery mode, it...
  6. john2518

    Macbook Pro Retina Mid 2012 - Kernal Panics

    Hi, i'm looking for some help with continuous kernal panics the log is below: It happens with the charger attached and also running on battery and appears to be getting more frequent, thanks in advance! Also maybe worth mentioning I was running Sierra and it was suggested updating to High...