1. Lucian Hodoboc

    Will Apple ever make larger laptops again?

    Do you think that Apple will ever make laptops with a screen larger than 15 inches in the future? They used to have a line of 17-inch screen MacBooks some years back, and I don't really know why they stopped making large laptops. o_O
  2. H

    Images in mail signatures appearing huge in High Sierra

    Hi there, Our work computers (MacPro 2016, 3.5GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5, 32GB 1866 MHz DDR3, AMD FirePro D700 6 GB) were recently updated to High Sierra 10.13.2. We had HTML email signatures but these now appear to be broken on the new OS (no signature is visible). We had these created by a...
  3. D

    Any way to set bold/large text for macOS and apps?

    Hi! I haven't had to explore until two years ago with the redesign of macOS, but I was wondering if there's anyway I can make the San Francisco font bold, like iOS. Especially in the iTunes Store, that would make a huge difference. I already use f.lux, because the warmer temperature helps the...
  4. melissapete24

    406 MB Game will Download without Wifi but not 300 MB Game

    Ok, so I have been looking EVERYWHERE for an answer for this, and I have found NOTHING. At work, I plug in my iPhone to my work computer so it charges, and I have crappy service (we are in a basement). I get right around two bars of 4G; if I'm lucky, I'll snag some LTE. My iPhone is the...