1. Y

    LG 5K Ultrafine + Humanscale M2.1 (not working!)

    Hi there, Hoping someone can help me :) I’ve installed a new LG 5K on a brand new humanscale M2.1 arm. I've been able to adjust the tension so up and down is working fine, but the monitor seems waay too heavy on its right hand side, it won’t stay straight at all unless I hold it. Tried the hex...
  2. J

    Calibrating rMBP 15" 2018 using X-Rite

    Hi all, Has anyone used the X-Rite i1Display to calibrate a rMBP 15" 2018 and LG 5k Display 27" using X-Rite, if so what did you select for the screen type? Is it White LED or GB-LED (RG Phosphor)? Thankyou,
  3. B

    Facetime in Catalina can't access LG 5k built in camera.

    Actually no apps can so it's either related to the applications not requesting access or catalina is just broken
  4. lateshift

    LG 5K Flickering in corner / MBP 2018

    Hi all, anyone else got a flickering problem in a single spot (on my display it's a a third of the right bottom) on the LG 5K with the current MBP 15" (i currently can't check if it's the display or the Macbook, no other Thunderbolt 3 Devices in the household :mad:). Thanks & Cheers, Lateshift