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  1. F

    iPhone X Photos app automatically crops live photo when changing key photo

    Recently I started noticing that when I change my “key photo”, the photo will become a little cropped / zoomed in. This is super annoying and it ruins a lot of photos (I actually often end up disabling Live Photo on a photo where I’ve changed the key photo even though I love the Live Photo...
  2. Z

    iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro - Live Photos are not live anymore in photos app

    Hi everyone, I’ve just upgraded from my iPhone 6s to the 11 Pro. I’m a real fried of Live Photo’s since the 6s. Especially swiping through the photos app and see all the pictures moving around for a bit before you see the actual photo. But when I take Live Photo’s with the 11 Pro, the pictures...
  3. J

    Transfer live photos from iPhone to Mac

    Hi, How can I transfer live photos from my iPhone to Mac (latest OS in both devices). Thanks!
  4. NoHardFeelings

    iPhone XR Live Wallpapers Not Available -- Deal Breaker?

    I got a chance to play with an iPhone XR and wow isn't it nice. However, one key deal breaker to me is that iPhone XR does NOT support Live Wallpapers, where you can set a Live Photo to your Lock Screen. I find this rather absurd. It's not like the iPhone XR lacks the capabilities or the...
  5. Matt P

    iPhone Live Photos to longer Movies

    I'm a new independent app developer, and I've made an app called Live Canvas. It'll stick your Live Photos together into movies, convert a live photo to a gif, and also export a still frame. All options make it easy to share them to any service or device. The idea for this came from my nephew...
  6. I

    iPhone Opaque file details, jpg extracted from Live Photo while attaching

    I am getting familiar with a new iPhone SE, and finding that the default is for photos to be Live Photos. The following site describes how to convert them to still photos. I haven't decided to join the cloud storage or sharing of files, and my practice has also been to use webmail (gmail)...
  7. binarts

    iPhone Live Wallpapers

    How do you like Live Wallpapers on iPhone? Maybe not so interactive as on Android, what you think? Since i wanted to create some ive put together face recognition with morphing and the result is here : Write...
  8. M

    Live Photos issues after importing to Photos on Mac

    Hello, I recently had someone with an iphone 7 AirDrop some pictures to me on my iphone 5s - many of these pictures were Live Photos. I imported all of my photos, including these, into my Photos app (Version 1.0.1 (215.65.0)) on my MacBook Pro (Yosemite, 10.10.5). They all imported as small...
  9. lizzyrae78

    How to Sort out "Live Photos" from Video's in Photos on iMAC

    I am wondering if anyone knows how to sort out "LIVE photos" taken on my iphone, NOT be included in my videos folder in my Photos application . Since using live photos I now have hundreds of three second "LIVE photos" in my videos folder in my PHOTOS application on my iMAC… I would prefer...
  10. BigMcGuire

    Live Photo - Low Light Performance?

    Is there any validity to this? I love live photos but I had problems focusing in low light (especially recently at...
  11. S

    New Live Photos related features in iOS10

    Live Photos stabilization Live Photos editing Live Filters for Live Photos Will love if somebody can elaborate each and also add more if there are .. If I understand the 1st one is it like the Motion Stills by Google? also will it work better on the 6s plus?
  12. M

    Universal [FREE] PULSE - turn any Video or Photo in your library into beautiful customized Live Wallpaper

    Introducing PULSE [FREE], Quickly and easily, turn any Video or Photo in your library into beautiful customized Live Photo (can be used as animated Live Wallpaper for your Lock screen). In addition, PULSE gives you the power to pick & export single frames from any Live Photo in your library...
  13. C

    A smart camera

    We built Snapin so people can organize their photos as they shoot them using iOS albums. Fully support live photos (capture and viewing).
  14. a.y.n

    iPhone SE iPhone SE: Can't use Live Photo as lock screen wallpaper

    On the 6s/6s+, we can use Live Photos as lock screen wallpaper, and a long press starts playback in the lock screen. This doesn't work on the SE. There is no "Live Photo" segment in the UISegmentedControl. I tried on a 6+ and it doesn't work on that either, but there is no Live Photo support in...
  15. Antoni Nygaard

    iPhone Apples Live Photos vs my own

    I just upgraded from an iPhone 6 to 6S the other day. And I was playing around with the Live Photo wallpapers. Found out that when Apples Live Photo wallpapers are set and you press on it, it animates and releaseing the screen just rewinds the animation back to the start frame. It doesn't do...