live wallpapers

  1. alex0404

    iPhone New Live Wallpapers & HD Backgrounds App

    Hello, This is my first thread in this amazing website. I'm a mobile developer from many years. Today I have release a new App for iPhone users (soon will be made for iPad users). The app name is: Live Wallpapers HD Backgrounds. With this app you can choose amazing live wallpapers and HD fixed...
  2. Shadow_Saunter

    Reverse Live Wallpaper

    I’ve noticed lately that when I use Live Wallpaper on my iPhone X it only works in forward, the image no longer rewinds. This is only true with wallpapers that I downloaded from one of the apps in the iTunes Store, the the native live wallpapers still work just fine. So, in other words, when I...
  3. M

    iPhone SE Wallpapers Request!

    Good day guys. Can someone please share the new wallpapers from the iPhone SE? I have been searching but only keep finding the one from the Space Gray and Rose Gold device but they are low res are slightly different. If anyone Here is kind enough, can you please share the wallpapers from your...