logic board repair

  1. jannikmeissner

    MP 1,1-5,1 Classic Mac Pro (4,1 and 5,1) Logic Board cross compatibility

    I tried searching and didn't find anything. Are those logic boards (flashed with the 5,1 firmware) interchangeable? Or in other words, is it actually possible to fix a broken either a 5,1 or 4,1 Mac Pro with a replacement logic board out of the other, with all other parts remaining in the same unit?
  2. Y

    Anyone with a spoilt iMac G4 17" Logic Board to let go?

    Hello, I am looking for a spoilt iMac G4 17" Logic Board (Logic Board model 820-1505-A / Apple SNo: 661-3001 or 661-2954) for parts. My iMac G4 17" came with a broken video connector (silver connector) on the Logic Board.... I intend to graft the video connector from the spare to mine - Let...
  3. A

    MacBook Pro (A1989, mid-2018) Not Powering On - No Water/Drop/Shock Damage

    I have a 20-month old A1989 (661-09759, i7-16GB-256GB, mid-2018 touch bar) that has stopped powering on (running Mojave, it was installing 2020-003 security update the last time it was on). Per Apple store and a third-party tech, it has an unknown logic board issue that requires a replacement...
  4. M

    MacBookPro freezes at login screen if only internal display running

    Hello, I have a MB Pro Late 2013 13" that suffered (mild) water damage. I hope the post fits the thread it is partially hardware / partially software related: - The computer works totally fine, as long as there is an external display connected to it. Note that also the internal display works...
  5. manongjoseph

    Is the late 2013 15" rmbp compatible with mid 2014 logic board?

    my late 2013 15" retina logic board is busted, and i need to get a new one. is it possible for me to get a 2014 one? Thank you so much in advanced for the answers. :)
  6. Isaac_Coker

    Need a 2001 iMac Logic Board

    I guess this is my first post on here (account got deleted), but I have a big problem. My old mac has a dead logic board and I have no clue where to buy another or how I could fix it. Its a late 2001 SE model and I cant find any of the 700MHz motherboards anywhere. I press the power button and...
  7. A

    I need to run 2 jumper wires from my LVDS connector to unknown spots on my logic board.

    I have 2 missing copper pads under pins 3 and 6 where my LVDS connector mounts to my logic board. I have seen some videos where folks run jumper wires when this happens. If this is the correct way to proceed I need help finding where they need to go. I have the schematic for my computer and have...