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  1. sarosarosaro

    iPad Liking my M2 12.9 iPad Pro over the M1 iPad Pro and here is why

    Hi MR, First, I am huge apple head and unlike the general consensus, I really appreciate and I am completely enjoying the new M2 iPad Pro. It is definitely more snappy, loads even faster and a much more refined product. Do not get me wrong, I really enjoyed the M1 iPad Pro, it is still a...
  2. DD88

    All iPads How often do users replace their iPads/iPad Pros ?

    Currently own an 11” iPad Pro (2nd generation) with A12Z chip. This is my second iPad and I can’t remember how long my previous ipad Air lasted, it stopped working after about 4 years I think and actually stopped working after I started an update, which is why I’m hesitant to update as much now...