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mac mini server

  1. Brandmail

    Do you have (mac) server racks?

    Do you guys have server racks at home. when yes, tel me more about it. For what kind of things are you use the servers and maybe some pictures of it?
  2. M

    BlackScreen Windows 10 / Mac Mini Server 2011

    I used now dosdudes Catalina patcher to be able to get trough Bootcamp and get a bootable USB stick for Windows 10. I have now managed to boot and install Windows 10 but right after installing the drivers (from here...
  3. C

    Mac Mini Server 2011 randomly reboots after reformat

    Hello! I have a 2011 Mac Mini Server running on Sierra 10.12.6. It will randomly start rebooting itself. I am looking at the crash reports and I am not understanding what it is spitting out. It looks like the error is pretty consistent between all of the crash reports. Please see as...
  4. W

    Help with Snow Leopard on Mac Mini Server 2010

    Hi I'm looking to buy a Mac Mini Server from 2010 and was wondering how (and if) I can install and run Snow Leopard on it. I have a Mac Pro tower running snow leopard, can I use this to downgrade the mini if it's running a higher OS, as it has no drive? I'm still using Macromedia Freehand...
  5. heimi

    2nd drive install into 2012 Mac mini server

    Hi I just bought a 2nd hand Mac mini server (2012) which appears to have been custom specced at purchase with a single 256Gb SSD rather than the more standard dual HD's. The SSD is reporting as being installed in the 'lower' position. I want to add a second drive in and have been infinitely...
  6. N

    Mac Mini 1TB Server (A1347)

    I recently got one of these to use as a build server for developing iOS apps. As I started looking at the specs I noticed it has an Airport Extreme card in it. It has a fresh install of MacOS Sierra on it. Now to my question. If I were to plug this into my router, could I set it up to act as...
  7. D

    Mac Mini Server Mid-2010 version - break mirror?

    Hi, I have an old Mac Mini Server (Mid 2010) that I haven't used in years and would like to upgrade from stock Snow Leopard to at least Lion for iTunes/iPhone backup limitation. I would like to use as workstation and convert mirror drives to two separate drives so I can install Windows XP on one...
  8. blackfang

    Q. Mac mini 1.4ghz 2014 run mac os server and plex?

    Hi, I am looking to get a mac mini and run sierra with the mac os server addon for VPN server, Fileserver, time machine server, DNS server and additionally make it a torrent and plex server. I am not going to use more than 2 services at the same time for example time machine backup and plex...