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mac os 12

  1. Peachies

    Mac User Login Photos

    Two questions for you guys (and gals)... 1) I noticed (at least with Monterey) that the user login photo, which comes up when you first turn on the computer is a lot larger in size than previous Mac OS's. I find it unsightly, to be honest. Is there a way to turn off the photo and rather have...
  2. O

    Unable to connect with switch pro controller since updated to Monterey

    Currently using macbook m1. anyone having the same problem? and cos its my first time using a controller, is it pro controller is just not able to connect with mac os?
  3. T

    Change in Time Machine progress reporting in Monterey?

    This is not how Time Machine has reported its progress for as long as I can remember. Is this new? I think I remember there being an estimate of how much total data was being copied, with no percentage of progress.
  4. cansuds

    Force Touch trackpad stopped working

    Force Touch trackpad stopped working. it does not work after the update. Mac os 12 beta 8.
  5. DFZD

    Mac OS Monterey Wallpapers

    Just sharing the Mac OS 12 Monterey wallpapers for Macbooks, iPads & iPhones. All sourced from the Mac OS 12 Preview website. Wait for Original files from the Mac OS 12 dev beta, in case you need it for a 5k screen.