mac pro gpu

  1. Cuciu

    MP 1,1-5,1 Problem getting a Sapphire RX560 card running on Mac Pro 5,1

    Hi, i bought this card to install on my mac pro Mojave OS. Everything worked fine under high sierra, but after the upgrade i only see back screen, the mac booted but i can't do anything because i see only black screen. Any ideas to solve? tks
  2. J

    2008 Mac Pro nothing on screen

    Hello, I have a 2008 Mac Pro that running on 10.11.6 and before I wasn't able to get the computer to access it's booting screens which became a major issue when I was starting to boot camp the computer. After a decent amount of research I determined that the graphics card was the issue after...
  3. B

    2016 Macpro rumors-gpu

    So I've been reading rumors about Apple putting AMD w9100 32gb gpu in the next gen Mac Pro. I believe this is a really bad mistake if Apple decides to do that. With the price of $5000 per gpu it's slower then the the Nvidia counter part, the p6000 with 24gb. Apple always uses Amd GPUs but...
  4. momopinata

    mac pro 2010 5,1: upgrading GPU

    Hello - I have a question regarding upgrading the 2010 5,1 GPU I currently have the radeon 5770 installed and want to upgrade (mainly to speed up C4D) what is my best option? I am wary of non mac cards - leaning towards gtx680 **also** - can I keep both cards installed? if so, is there a...