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mac pro tower

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    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 5,1 2010 - Boots up but no video output (black screen)

    Hi, true Apple Geniuses, After literally years of lurking here and finding every answer to every Mac problem I’ve had (which I greatly appreciate), I’m now officially stumped and posting for the first time. I’m really hopeful someone can put an end to my weeklong descent into madness ... I’ll...
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    Mac Pro 5.1 Won't Start! Please help :((

    I replaced my mac's gtx 680 with rx 580, and installation went well. Before installing I cleaned all the fans with compressed air and when this ran out, I used a toothbrush to move dust and eventually carefully vacuumed it or took it out by paper. It might have been slightly moist, but I don't...
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    How far can you upgrade a 2006 Mac Pro Tower?

    Greetings, My father bought a 2006 Mac pro tower. Its has the Intel Xeon 2.66 dual core cpu and is running Mac OSX Lion, 10.7.5. Here are all the specs: He want to be able to run 64bit software and the latest...