macbook 13 2017

  1. E

    Buying genuine MacBook Pro battery

    So my MBP is showing the 'Service Recommended' sign. Where I live, we only have any limited options for Apple products and almost always get ripped off. So I thought of getting a relative to buy the battery from some store or website in USA and get it here with him. Apple doesn't manufacture or...
  2. loco8

    Built-in keyboard and trackpad suddenly stopped working, cursor stuck in top left corner.

    I have a late 2017 13" MBP. Today the trackpad and the keyboard stopped working at the same time. The only thing that works is the power button (and the touchbar). Nothing happened prior to the incident so I don't know why the hell they stopped working all of a sudden. But I've noticed one...
  3. KIkosan007

    Macbook air 13 A1932 new mosiso case does not fit

    I bought yesterday a new case for my MacBook air 13 retina, everything seems good but when I install the bottom part, it won´t open properly. Could it be because I'm not installing it properly? the screen won't open more than 90 degrees:
  4. L

    MBP 2015 vs 2017

    Hello this is a question that I am looking for opinions on. I am currently saving up for a MacBook Pro, but I am struggling to decide on whether to buy the 13” 2017 model or the 13” 2015 model. The offers I’m looking at currently are the same price with the same specs. I have heard that the 2015...