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macbook 2009

  1. AndreeTheG

    High Sierra on 2009 Macbook problem after update

    Hi, I've just installed High Sierra on my early 2009 Macbook 5,2 white. All perfect, even the patches. I've done an update 10.13.6 to High Sierra via Apple Store. After reboot non of the patches working anymore (tryied to reinstall but nothing happened, tryied to do again MacOS Post install but...
  2. A

    "Exotic" error on macbook 2009, takes 9 hours to start but used to work, now it freezes on login

    So I own an old macbook pro from 2009. Ram has been updated once, otherwise standard hardware (not SSD harddrive, if those were an option back then). For about a year, it has suffered a really strange problem which is that it takes about 9 hours to start. I am not exactly sure how long it...
  3. W

    Trying to replace an old white plastic Macbook screen. How should I disconnect the two pink and yell

    My Macbook's LCD screen got cracked, so I removed the top part of the screen and unpeeled the tape from the wires. Now I need to disconnect the yellow and pink wires. This video says I can just cut them off (at 1:53), but I'm not so sure. What should I do?