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macbook air 13 2020

  1. H

    Dirt like fleck on my Macbook Air M1 screen

    My mac has got a dirt like fleck out of nowhere today. There was nothing until morning and now it appears out of nowhere. I thought it was a dead pixel or something but rather than a dead pixel it looks like some dirt is stuck under the screen. Does M1 Macbook Airs have a removable screen...
  2. ryubyss

    [MacBook Retina 2020, macOS 12.3.1] "chi-ung" sound (not normal start-up chime)

    I purchased a used MacBook Air (MWTJ2LL/A) which, blessedly, has AppleCare. I have had a problem since, I think, I bought it. it makes a "chi-ung!" sound at times, and I don't mean the startup chime. in fact, it makes the sound in addition to the start-up chime. first the normal startup chime...
  3. T


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  4. Sund

    Check out how I overcame thermal throttling in MBA 8GB!

    Hi everyone! I recently purchased MBA 8GB/512GB model and wanted to test some hypotheses on how to prevent/reduce thermal throttling? I first ran the Cinebench multi-core test and my MBA started getting heat up and I got a score of 6862 I then let my MBA to cool down and then used this...
  5. DrSarah

    MacBook Air 8-core CPU/GPU - 8GB RAM - 512GB SSD just arrived

    As the title says, the MacBook just arrived after I sold my MacBook Pro 2020 i5-10th gen/16GB/1TB laptop. I was a bit worried about getting the Air over the Pro but I really hated the Touch Bar, the fan noise, the heat. So far it is Amazing! Geekbench 5 score GPU: 21187 Installing World of...