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macbook air 13.3

  1. M

    Macbook Air a good laptop for me?

    Hello i am Mary Dubois, I am new at this forum so i don't know how it works on here but i have an urgent question. So i follow an Art & Design study and i need a new laptop. The features of the laptop are: i7 processor 2gb videocard And i have to use almost every Adobe program such as...
  2. Cantina

    what monitor brands are mid 2013 macbook air compatible?

    Hi all, I'd like to get myself a 2540x1440 IPS monitor 27inches, and importantly with eye care technology, to work with my mid 2013 MacBook Air. Im not into tech and I wonder if any monitor today would work well or I should rather look for specific brands and or specs. Also, if anyone has some...
  3. hje

    App Store Games on MBA Early 2015

    Hi guys! I want to know if I buy, say Tomb Raider or Mafia 2 (or any other compatible game on my MacBook Air) through the App Store and not through Steam or MacGameStore. Will it run like Borderlands 2 which I bought through the App Store and runs without a hitch, as in the fans don't go mad...
  4. F

    Dualbooting Linux on a School Macbook Air

    My school recently bought Macbook Airs for all of it's students. I would prefer to use linux on it, but there are some macOS specific programs that we will use. The problem is that my account is not administrator, and there is also a firmware lock which appeared after a program called FileWave...
  5. M

    Advice Needed On MBA 2008 Possible buy

    Hi everyone! I am new to the macbook world, though I have owned a few ipads and currently have an iphone 4s (i know, I know). I'm dipping into the waters of the macbook world though (mainly out of curiosity - I love my tech) and wanted to know what you guys thought. I am currently bidding...