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macbook air 2018

  1. LuxoNum

    MacBook Air 2018 is unresponsive to wake up. I've tried everything.

    When I open my MacBook after its been asleep on battery a few hours, I get presented a black screen and takes 20s-30s become responsive. Once it's awake, it says "Passcode required to enable TouchID". Caps lock + keyboard brightness don't work during this either. I've had this issue before on...
  2. E

    Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Puck questions

    Hypothetically speaking, if I was to purchase the Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Puck for use with a 2018 MackBook Air, could I put the MBA in clamshell mode and connect two 4K displays to the puck? Would this give me satisfactory performance for everyday desktop tasks (no games or video editing; perhaps...
  3. jimmy_uk

    Entry level Macbook 2017 refurb OR Macbook Air 2018 new

    I'm wanting a MacBook for the build quality, battery life, keyboard and trackpad, speakers. I'm primarily a Windows user at home (iMac at work) so use my desktop to run all my work software such as Adobe suite, music production software etc. So this lightweight laptop is just for browsing...
  4. ThemePro

    Can I verify SSD TRIM status on Macbook Air 2018?

    In the past, I could verify SSD TRIM status by reviewing the SATA/SATA Express line in the system information feature. On my Macbook Air 2018, it says, "This computer doesn't contain any serial ATA devices." On the storage line, it says I have an Apple APFS Media SSD PCI-Express but nothing...
  5. Populus

    [MacBook Air 2018] With only 10 cycles, battery at 96%

    Hello, I've been using my MacBook Pro since I purchased it, and after 10 cycles of being charged and used, It fell down first to 98% and now to 96%. This has been more noticeable when I've stressed the computer with games like Fortnite or installing Windows 10. But I am back to MacOS and I'm...