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macbook pro 13 2015

  1. maxthackray

    Upgrading 2013-2015 Macbook Pro SSD to M.2 NVMe

    This thread is about upgrading MacBook Airs & Macbook Pros (2013-2015) with new high speed and/or high capacity NVMe SSDs. This thread was one of the first to talk about MacBook Pro NVMe SSD upgrades on Macrumors, and was started by user "maxthackray", which we can thank and give tribute for...
  2. W

    2015 13" MacBook Pro battery swelling and case distended - repair or not?

    My partner's father's 2015 13" Retina MacBook Pro has a swollen battery. I'm either going to replace the battery for them or they are going to buy a new Mac. If they opt for the latter, my partner and I will be given the computer, in which case I will still replace the battery, and my...
  3. WarriorLA

    HELP! No h265 / hevc hardware accel. on Macbook Pro early 15 TB2 w purge-wrangler

    PROBLEM: h.264 hardware acceleration works like charm but no hevc/h.265 HARDWARE ACCEL decoding/ encoding at all: Very annoying folks. I already tried: LILU and WhateverGreen, older and newest Version. No success concerning hevc/h265 hardware acceleration! Here are all my Macbook Pro details...