macbook pro 13 2017

  1. carve

    2017 MPB "T" key mechanism is broken

    I own a 2017 13" MBP and recently the "T" key has become dislodged and won't click into place (yping his has been raher annoying). It appears there is a broken nub off of the butterfly key -- see photo for details. I'm a writer so this has been a rather large pain in the ass. How much will it...
  2. Ait Lhadj Achraf

    Macbook pro 13" 2017 no bar graphics problem

    I have macbook pro13" 2017 and one day I turn it on it look like this what i should do
  3. loco8

    Built-in keyboard and trackpad suddenly stopped working, cursor stuck in top left corner.

    I have a late 2017 13" MBP. Today the trackpad and the keyboard stopped working at the same time. The only thing that works is the power button (and the touchbar). Nothing happened prior to the incident so I don't know why the hell they stopped working all of a sudden. But I've noticed one...
  4. Ilia Dundev

    Not working HDD

    Hello! I have a problem with my Macbook pro 13-inch without touchbar from 2017. When I plug external HDD it works normally for specific period of time, after this period of time the HDD start to glow red and the drive is no more readable. How can I fix it?
  5. AjTee

    Small chip which is visible only under great light and specific angle

    Hello, I am MBP 2017 13 inch owner. During today's cleaning I have noted very small chip on a black frame area which is not in workspace range. This chip looks like small speck of dust or a drop of dried saliva. During cleaning I used Fellowes wipes and dry microfibre wipe. Sample image with...