macbook pro 13 mid 2012

  1. T

    [MacBook Pro] 13" Mitte 2012. (661-6588) Logic Board 2.5GHz Core i5

    Hello. I'm looking for 2 components. I am not sure if it is SMD resistors or ceramic capacitor ... I have a photo where you see which I am looking for ... THANK YOU!!
  2. N

    MBP 13" 2012 Strange Hard drive issues

    Hi there, I've tried every fix i know, and combed through countless forums to try and find a related problem, to no avail. So here I am reaching out to the community for help. Thank you in advance! Here's the beef: I bought I preowned 13" MBP mid2012 about a year ago. It has aftermarket SSD...
  3. T

    Upgrading hard drive and memory for MBP Mid 2012

    Hello everyone, I want to upgrade my MacBook Pro mid 2012 using 5400 rpm hard drive to an SSD and buy an optibay for the current hard drive, and also upgrade it's RAM, but I don't have much experience in hardware and have a few things still unclear: 1. Do optibays have SATA 2 and SATA 3...
  4. SweeneyD24

    Question Mark folder when booting..

    Basically the title says it all, but let me elaborate. Two nights ago just before switching it off and going to bed, i noticed my MBP was acting a little weird. I would get the rainbow wheel every now and then. It didn't bother me as i thought that it would be working fine again on the next...