macbook pro "15

  1. upintheclouds

    Eucalyptus Oil to Disinfect Mac Casing, Keyboard, Trackpad?

    Does anyone know if diluted eucalyptus oil on the casing, keyboard and trackpad safe? Apple recommends Lysol wipes, but I can't find that where I am currently living. Let me know before I spot test on the bottom! Thanks
  2. jamesgryffindor99

    The 2019 butterfly keyboard is still a joke

    After about 6 months of having this 2019 15" MBP (5th MBP since i first bought a 2018 15". Been replaced several times because the keyboard just won't stop failing with duplicate keypress issues!), my a key started duplicating. This isn't a dust issue btw, rather an issue with failing switches...
  3. Z

    FYI: 2019 Refurbished 15” MacBook Pros are now in the online Apple Store

    I periodically check to see when new Certified Refurbished Macs arrive in the Apple Store and it appears that the 2019 15” MacBook Pros are now available as well as a single model of the 2019 13” MacBook Pro (2.4GHz i5/8GB DRAM/256GB SSD/Iris Plus 655/4 TB3 Ports). The 13” may have wider...
  4. B

    Serial number

    Hey guys, Because of my laptop defect on the keyboard, I returned my laptop to have a replacement. I know the serial number! Is it possible to fix the keyboard and gave the laptop with another serial number? Is it possible yo change the serial number? I told them and insisted that I want a...
  5. J

    Cant boot into macbook pro

    Hi Hope you can help, I have spent a week on this, and i am getting closer. I can't remember my pwd for my MacBook Pro, as i haven't used it for well over a year since I bought it. As the screen was cracked i store dit away, but now i don't have any mac in the house and life isn't the same...
  6. S

    Mid 2019 Macbook Pro - Should I get a Vega 20 or AMD Radeon?

    I have plans to buy a mid 2019 Macbook Pro to upgrade from a Late 2013 Mabook Pro. Should I get a Vega 20 or a AMD Radeon? I'd like to upgrade the SSD from 512GB to 1TB as I want to store all my game assests on the SSD for Unity.
  7. nott96

    When will my MacBook Pro stop getting software and security updates?

    Hope this is okay to post here! I got passed down a Late 2013 i7 2.3 GHz DG Retina MBP from my uncle. I was wondering when I will stop getting updates on this machine? Will I get MacOS 10.15, 10.16 etc and when will it stop getting vital security updates? Thank you!
  8. L

    8 Core VS 6 Core (Macbook De-valuing)

    Hey guys, I'm deciding between the new 6 and 8 core Macbook Pro 15". I do a lot of video editing and Photoshop. I'd love to get the new 8 core... but I heard that of all Macbooks the higher end model always devalues the most once you buy it. I upgrade and resell my Macbook Pro every 3 or so...
  9. KJL3000

    Can't get full resolution with MacBook Pro 15" mid 2010 on a BenQ PD2500Q display

    I recently bought a BenQ PD2500Q Display with a native Resolution of 2560 x 1440 px. I'm trying to hook up my old MacBook Pro 15" mid 2010. As I'm also using this MacBook with the Apple 27" LED Display (pre-thunderbolt) via displayport I can't see why the BenQ Display isn't showing me the same...
  10. M

    MacBook Pro Problems - A critical software update is required for your Mac

    There appears to be an issue with the MacBook Pro Touch Bar and Touch ID. There are multiple articles online and videos of customers complaining about MacBook Pro Touch Bar and Touch ID users recently began running into an issue where the machine will not power power-on displaying below error...
  11. R

    Can't Reinstall OS X

    I was planning on selling my macbook so i erased the hard drive but I accidentally erased the startup disk and when I try to reinstall OS X EL CAPITAN it tells me "this item is temporarily unavaiable please try again later"
  12. Pandamania

    Broken Fan?

    My Macbook pro was closed and sitting on the table when my baby pulled it off and it hit the tile floor on the lower left hand corner. It dented the corner and broke my screen so I didn't use it for awhile until I could get the screen fixed. However, it's been fixed for about a week and just...