macbook pro 2015 15"

  1. JDW

    2015 15" MBP strange rubbery things inside after Apple battery replacement

    My battery was swollen so I shipped my 2015 15" MBP to Apple Japan for a battery replacement. They replaced that and the top keyboard case too. When it came back I opened the bottom case to have a look and I found two rubbery things inside (see below), which were not there before. They fell...
  2. PatMozz

    Flat $475 fee to repair 2015 Macbook - or no?

    My 2015 Macbook Pro is in bad shape. The keybaord doesn't work, the battery needs replaced, exterior is damaged and dented, and likely the interior could have water damage. However, when ran with an external keyboard: it works perfectly fine. Apple has offered to fix all the issues i know of...
  3. N

    Display MBP 2015 15" vs MBP 2019 16"

    Hi, I need some advice about the screen of the new macbook pro 16". Currently I have MBP 2015 15" and I use it for programming, web design, vmware, docker and etc. For me, the screen is very important and currently I can't find the information/comparative about 2015 15" Retina Display vs 2019...
  4. T

    Tips for buying a used macbook pro 2015 15'' from ebay

    Hi guys, so i m looking on buying a used macbook pro 2015 15'' from ebay and i am wondering if there is something i should look out for. I'm looking for the best machine because i m thinking to keep it for a few years maybe 3. Thanks for your advice i appreciate it.
  5. I

    Upgrading to new MBP 15 2015. Worth it?

    I'm currently using MBP 13'' 2015 MF840 (i5 2.7GHz, 8GB RAM, 256GB SDD) at work. I am changing jobs right now (I am a fullstack developer - Ruby / JavaScript), and I need to give up this laptop to the company which provided it to me. I was looking for a replacement, and found that local stores...
  6. I

    Need really complex advice for buying new MBP

    Hey guys, I'm considering to buy a brand new MBP 15 inch. However I have some questions regarding the models. So I am a software engineer who's coding a lot. Right now I'm using top of the line iMac 5K 27 inch 2017 at home (i7 4.2Ghz, 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Radeon Pro 580) bought in June 2018...
  7. M

    Macbook Pro 15 2015 or Macbook Pro 13 2017

    Hello, guys I'm looking forward to buying a used Macbook pro. In my country the stated above models are in the same price range and I cant decide which one to choose. I will be using it mainly for development(coding). This is the specs of the 2015 Macbook Pro 15 inch: i7-4770HQ 2.2Ghz up to...
  8. trailrunner44

    Help!>2012 MBP Retina D to MBP 2018? or wait for 2019?

    Hello all !! I have a mid 2012 15" Retina Display (256gb, 8gb RAM, 2,3ghz i7, Nvidia Graphic Card) running High Sierra. I'm a part-time photographer and videographer. I use Lightroom, Final Cut Pro and Premiere CC. The MBP runs all everyday tasks quite good and hasn't any major problems until I...
  9. J

    Macbook pro 2015 Fan Condition

    Hi guys, i'm looking for a new macbook pro to buy and doing some research since i'm considering the model 2016-2017 with touchbar 13 inch and 2015 15 inch. Well i do like the macbook pro 2015 inch more because i really hate the keyboard on the new macbook pro, its design is really sexy though...
  10. restalize

    MBP mid-2015 2.5GHz vs 2.8GHz

    Hello to the community! Im a UI Designer and work at home with an iMac mid 2010 and id like to upgrade and be portable. Im having 2 offers at a greek forum which are both 1 year used and the only differences are: 1 - MBP Mid-2015 15" MJLT2LL, 2.5 GHz, 512GB SSD, 120 cycles battery. price: 1650...