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macbook pro mid 2015

  1. A

    macbook pro screen wont showup

    I dropped my macbook pro 2015 15" and the screen broke so I purchased a new screen through ebay. after putting it on, however, I cant seem to turn on the computer even with an external monitor (it works before with the broken screen). I hear the startup sound effect and caps lock light is able...
  2. R

    Bootcamp update broke my system

    I just update the bootcamp drivers for the AMD card on my macbook pro mid 2015. Now I cant play anymore some games that until yesterday I could, in fullscreen mode. When I start the games my external Dell monitor goes black. I already tried changing the resolution or refresh rates within the...
  3. marco114

    Fans Running High on MacBook Pro MacOS Sierra 10.12

    My MacBook Pro (mid 2015) Fans almost NEVER RUN in the past. I just updated to Sierra and they won't even turn off unless I shutdown the computer. Shortly after restart, they slowly spin back up and stay there. Every program is quit, CPU is almost nothing.... What is going on? Anyone else having...