macbook pro ssd

  1. J

    Living with smaller storage

    I just ordered a 13” MBP with 512 GB storage. I’m coming from an iMac where I had 1 TB and plenty of USB ports I could keep hard drives connected to. Now that I’m moving to a more mobile setup with smaller storage, I’m curious how others get by. I could just offload a bunch of files I don’t need...
  2. boomlapop

    HAT SSD for 2013-2015 Retina MBP?

    So I walk into an Apple Store last week, asking how much they would charge to upgrade my 256GB stock SSD to a 1TB on my NOS 15" 2015 MBP. The guy tells me they don't do that and that I'd have to take it to an authorized Apple Service place, or look on Amazon and hope to find a lucky deal on a...
  3. BlueDev

    SSD for MacBook Pro (mid2010)

    Hello guys, I want to upgrade my old friend MacBook Pro 13inch (Mid2010 7,1) to SSD, but I'm not sure which one is the best choice for me. I have a chance to get some Patriot (Blaze or Blast) 240GB, Kingston and Transcend SSD for really low price, but I'm not sure which one should work the...