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macos 11

  1. Jedi.Master.Dre

    Alternatives to MacOS Server.

    What, if any software options for Big Sur allow users be able to login, save their menu bar and access their home folders that are stored on a “server” iMac from “client” iMacs? Like MacOS Server before it was deprecated, or anything close to this.
  2. ApplePro1000

    Showing Menu Bar will in full screen in macOS Big Sur

    I understand that in the recently release macOS Monterey Beta (that I tried out) there is an option to still show the menu bar in full screen mode. Is there a way to have that in Big Sur as well as while in most applicartions like Safari, Pages, Apple Music etc. I don't mind having them in non...
  3. sulliops

    Safari not computing image aspect ratios from width and height attributes

    I've recently implemented a lazy image loading feature on an image-heavy website, and have been having issues with reflow. I fixed the problem by manually specifying the image dimensions using the `width` and `height` image attributes, as below: <img class="lazyload img-fluid"...
  4. A

    Apple Music doesn't push song change notification

    For the longest time now the Apple Music macOS app no longer shows a notification when the song changes. I've attached screenshots of my settings to show that everything is enabled. Any help on this would be much appreciated. This is on macOS Big Sur for reference.
  5. T

    iPhone/iPad Backing up to M1 Computer

    Does anyone know if the bug has been fixed where syncing/backing up to or recovering from an M1 Mac in any of the macOS versions (beta or stable) from an iPhone or iPad, results in 3rd party apps can not open at all? I had this issue a couple of months ago and I had to do a full restore from an...
  6. R

    Question on Automatic downloads

    Hi guys, Recently purchased MacBook Air, and noticed that few softwares downloaded automatically in the LaunchPad (such as Chess, Image Capture, Font Book. etc.). Is this usual? It also created an automatic guest login? How can I disable automatic download of the apps? Currently running MacOS...
  7. nkl984

    macos Big Sur 11.2 20D64 - Running Slow in Safe Mode on iMac Pro

    Hi! I'm running macos Big Sur 11.2 20D64 and almost everytime I boot the computer my wifi is not working, I need to disconnect and reconnect the machine to work. Today I tried to boot in Safe Mode and the computer is working very very slow and laggy into Safe Mode. Any advice pls? Thank you
  8. LargeSizedMan2020

    Are There Any Issues with Wacom Graphics Tablet Drivers for M1 based Machines?

    Hello, I was curious if Wacom Drivers emulate well on M1 ARM-based Macs or if it's just completely hung up on x86 based ones? Also, I can't seem to find if any of these graphics tablet companies are developing or have already developed drivers for the new Macs yet. Maybe I'm just looking in...
  9. G-Funk

    Continuty, iPhone Hotspot , & iPhone call won't wok on iMac Pro After Big Sur upgrade

    I have noticed that my iMac pro won't recognize my iPhone 12 Pro after MacOS Big Sur Upgrade , i cannot connect to the phone to use its hotspot nor am i able to use continuity or initiate phone calls . my other Macs ( MacBook Pro's & iPad Pro ) seems to be working just fine in recognizing my...
  10. paul1762

    SD Card not Mounting in macOS 11

    does anyone else have an issue with SD cards not mounting in macOS 11... I have tried terminal in mounting the card, with no luck... Paul
  11. T

    iPhone X with iOS 14 Beta (last) sync issues with MacBook Pro macOS 11 Beta (last)

    Hey everyone I am not completely sure when the issue has started but maybe after I updates macOS 11 to Beta 4. When I try to sync my iPhone with my Macbook, steps 1 to 2 are normal but when it starts to copy music files on my iPhone it more or less stops copying. I lasts a lot of time until one...
  12. dumiku

    macOS 11 Big Sur kills a lot of plugins

    Big Sur is a deal-breaker when it comes to Music Production especially if you use some legacy or free plugin that won't receive any update in the future. Most of my plugins were working as of beta 2 since it's the version number was still 10.16 except for those that were already crashing on...
  13. walterpaisley

    How to convert Chrome extensions to run in Safari

    A huge YMMV here - a lot of the more complex extensions need to be updated to work with Safari, but straight-forward extensions generally work. I am most definitely not a developer so please do not expect expert troubleshooting help from me. If you run into an issue I might be able to help, but...
  14. macrumor2018

    Which machines will macOS drop support for next?

    So far, these appear to have been the minimum system requirements for the Mac OS for previous releases: OS Minimum System Requirements OS X Leopard PowerPC G4 @ 867 MHz or greater OS X Snow Leopard Intel OS X Lion Intel 64-bit OS X Mountain Lion Intel 64-bit + 64-bit EFI macOS...
  15. Q

    Late 2020 16" MacBook Pro Predictions

    I was hoping to buy a future-proofed & maxed-out MacBook Pro (with the best GPU) for starting university this fall. I felt the 16" released back in November was only a warm-up for something really big for 2020. I imagined a no-bezels miniLED 14.1" display with a new deca-core i9 CPU, paired with...