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macos x

  1. linrey

    HELP old Documents symlink, must delete

    I made this symlink years ago in the Terminal, but now can't find a way to undo it. The Documents directory is SPECIAL and can't be changed with the "unlink" or "rm" commands. Anyone know how to enter the proper command in the Terminal to undo this symlink?
  2. S

    macOS Coping ipc_port with rights between spaces

    Hi, I was wondering if there's any way to copy port and port's right from a user task into the kernel task assuming I'm running from a kernel extension. my final goal is to use 'task_set_exception_ports' to set my own port (created in kernel) as the task's exception port, and if I get an...
  3. Gamer9430

    Project: Complete Collection of Mac OS Wallpapers (UPDATED!)

    Original Post: So this isn't exactly PowerPC related, but being that this involves PPCs and that this community usually is open to helping out with fun stuff like this, I figured I'd post this thread here. I've always thought that it would be awesome to have a complete collection of every...
  4. Mr. 123

    Install OSX on second hand Comuter

    I am buying a second hand 2015 MacBook Air and I want to wipe it completely clean and then reinstall OSX. It's a simple process but how does it work when someone else has owned the computer and the OS is registered to his or her Apple ID? I am guessing it will ask me to enter the Apple ID and...
  5. Leo Bruno

    How to create SSD image with Mac OS X and Windows ?

    Hi: On a MacBook Pro I have a 240gb SSD and 1TB HDD drives. The SSD disc is partitioned as follows: #1 - EFI #2 - Mac Os X (Mac Os Expanded) #3 - Mac Recover #4 - Windows 7 (NTFS) The HDD is partitioned as a single NTFS patition. I need to create an image file from the SSD disc and save it...