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  1. vmflame

    PowerMac G4 / 3 Beeps on startup

    I received today my PowerMac G4. I tried installing Mac OS 9, I received a message that Installation is complete and computer is ready to restart. Then I restarted a computer and I heard 3 beeps holy sh*t. I have no idea what to do. Can someone help please? Thanks!
  2. Ryan Bremer

    Yeah, so Classilla 9.3.4b scores 25 points on i guess

    Hey look at that :D... well everything DOES look broken :|
  3. PowerPCFan

    Mac OS 9 on 68030

    Hi! I have a Macintosh LC III with a 25 MHz Motorola 68030 processor, and a Motorola 68882 co-processor. The highest operating system supported is Mac OS 7.6.1, but do you think it's possible to get at least Mac OS 8.1 or even Mac OS 9 on it without any serious lag or any hacking? I wanted an OS...
  4. Mohamed Said

    I am working on a new Internet suite for mac os 9

    I am working on a new Internet suite for mac os 9, Based on (Classilla). features I will add + Classilla features 1- taps bar on the top (as default). 2- make noscript work only on (http) pages. 3- built in flash. 4 - make browser more lite on cpu
  5. allan.nyholm

    Preview. A Classic look-alike for Mojave (NOT AVAILABLE)

    Here's a preview of a Classic theme that I've been working on for the past day or two. I'll release this theme when I get an OK from MacRumors user redheeler to use his script to install the theme. If you're adventerous enough I can provide the .car files now. I know that the dark mode window...
  6. Gamer9430

    Project: Complete Collection of Mac OS Wallpapers (UPDATED!)

    Original Post: So this isn't exactly PowerPC related, but being that this involves PPCs and that this community usually is open to helping out with fun stuff like this, I figured I'd post this thread here. I've always thought that it would be awesome to have a complete collection of every...