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  1. jent

    Aspects where Intel Macs still outperform the M1 models?

    I'm happy to read other threads on this topic but I couldn't find one that's just a quick overview on the aspects where the Intel Macs are still better than the Apple Silicon models. Off the topic of my head quickly, it's the following: Multiple (external) monitors Support for booting into...
  2. hoodafoo

    Apple system icons for every device they ever made!

    If you go to Finder > shift-command-G, type /System/Library > Go > type kind:Apple icon image in the search box, you will see icons of every device Apple ever released Alternatively, you can do the same at /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources to view icons of Apple...
  3. Zdigital2015

    FYI: 2019 Refurbished 15” MacBook Pros are now in the online Apple Store

    I periodically check to see when new Certified Refurbished Macs arrive in the Apple Store and it appears that the 2019 15” MacBook Pros are now available as well as a single model of the 2019 13” MacBook Pro (2.4GHz i5/8GB DRAM/256GB SSD/Iris Plus 655/4 TB3 Ports). The 13” may have wider...
  4. 0

    macOS 10.15 Catalina on Unsupported Macs

    Machine Support Video Card Support Pre-Metal AMD video cards (Radeon HD 6xxx series and older without acceleration, Radeon HD 4xxx series and older with acceleration.) Pre-Metal Nvidia video cards (GeForce 5xx series and older without acceleration, GeForce 3xx Series and older with...
  5. Lucian Hodoboc

    Will Apple ever make larger laptops again?

    Do you think that Apple will ever make laptops with a screen larger than 15 inches in the future? They used to have a line of 17-inch screen MacBooks some years back, and I don't really know why they stopped making large laptops. o_O
  6. drfunk1986

    2015 Imac vs G5 Tower?

    Hey guys, trying to get some opinions. I know of a place called "IbuildMacs" located at where he builds you customized Mac units using old G5 towers. My question is, is it cost effective or worth it to go through this guy and build a customized G5 for video editing or...
  7. Mac03ForLife

    Anything I can do with a PB Duo Charger?

    Hello Community I have recently been handed a PowerBook Duo AC charger (The one with the 2 battery slots) Can I use this for anything except a PB Duo? Can I hack it in some way? Note that the power cord was NOT provided with this unit. Is this worth keeping, or better off being sent to the...
  8. A_Dailey

    OS X Utilities

    Hello all! I'm working with a non profit program with my school. We are donating computers to schools and students in need. We were given a TON Of macs, I believe they are all of the same model. I was given the task to clear and reinstall the Operating System, but it asks for an apple...
  9. 0

    Can we put AMD/Ryzen Mac rumours to end

    I have no idea why people would even want Ryzen Macs. Core for core, thread for thread, AMD is behind Intel. The only reason r/AMD circle jerks these processors is because how cheap they are, mindlessly comparing them against the 7700K which is a 4c/8t processor. If you're an Apple customer...