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maps app

  1. A

    Poll: Preferred Maps App in 2024 - Apple vs Google vs Others

    Curious on where the community stands on maps app usage these days. I couldn’t be a bigger Apple fanboy, but I still can’t come around to switching to Apple Maps. Most of my non-tech friends though do prefer Apple Maps which I find interesting. For me — something about the location search...
  2. mazz0

    Can you turn off Maps automatically looking for a route home?

    When I open Maps, if I haven’t used it for a few minutes it automatically starts finding me a route home. I appreciate the idea, but it’s usually not what I want and it slows down searching for what I’m actually looking for (since I now have to exit out of the route home search). Is there a...
  3. headlessmike

    Apple Maps redesign coming to Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Austria

    Apple has today started rolling out the redesigned maps in Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Austria. Some users will see the new maps and others will still get the old ones during the testing period. As a current resident in one of these countries, I'm pretty interested to see how they turn out. If...
  4. E

    IOS UX getting worse year after year?

    There have been a lot of changes to the UX I really hate over the last iOS version, the biggest one is the trend towards subfolders In iOS16 I’ve noticed 3 new ones: - In Maps, you now have to tap twice to change the type of transport, once to open the subfolder and once to choose it. I suppose...
  5. Mojo1019

    Resolved "Add a missing place" on Apple Maps grey out

    Hello, recently I have tried to add some missing small business from my local town on Apple Maps, but apparently I can't. As you can see in the screenshot above the option to add a new place is grey and you can't interact with it on Mac (MacOS 11.6.4). By the way I can do it from my iPhone...
  6. P

    How Do You Get Navigation Directions When You’re Already Driving and Focus On?

    I can use “Hey Siri” to send texts or make a call when I’m currently driving with the Driving Focus on. I have it set to automatically become enabled when in motion. However when I ask Siri to give directions to a destination she says I have to unlock the phone to do this and suggests I not do...
  7. pedzsan

    How do I configure the voice used for directions (Maps) while using CarPlay

    I’m not sure if this is two questions or one. Basically I’d like to configure the voice that Maps uses to give direction. I’d like to configure it for when CarPlay is being used and when it’s not (if there are separate options). It doesn’t appear to be “Voice Over” unless I goofed somewhere...
  8. S

    Apple Maps Guides - how to add a description to saved locations?

    I really like the Apple Maps Guides feature as introduced in iOS 14, and very much improved in iOS 15. I created several personal guides, that I use frequently when visiting a city on a holiday or business trip. However, does anyone know whether it is possible to add a description or note for...
  9. srbNYC

    In Maps, my "Send to Device" options are grayed out

    I've chosen a destination on Maps on my MacBook. Under the three dots, when I select "Send to Device," both my mobile devices are listed there, but they're grayed out and unselectable. I wonder it's a setting of some sort, but can't figure what or where. All three devices are currently on my...
  10. S

    How to change this annoying Maps pop-up?

    There's one annoyance with Apple's Maps - the pop up window that I can never get rid of. If I've missed something please help me. I just want to see the location, not all the extra info Apple throws at me.
  11. C

    iPhone Maps app does not show option titled Show parked location

    My wife and I just bought a new car and are learning to use Apple Maps with Apple CarPlay. I set up my iPhone 11 to show "Parked car location." Worked fine. However, when we went to set up her iPhone 11 for the same option, her phone did not show "Show Parked Location" as an option under...
  12. K

    iPhone Maps is so no intuitive

    I am trying to make a collection in maps in iOS 13.3. I mark a location, its named “Marked Location”. I add it to a Collection. It seems impossible to rename it to something useful. I can add it as favorite and rename it, but then it can’t be added to a collection. Is this how it should work?
  13. thewhitehart

    All Devices Maps Favorites and Collections not syncing between devices

    I’m just wondering if anyone is having this problem on iOS 13.1 Public Beta 3. I submitted a report to Apple. When saving a location to Favorites or My Collections, the saved location is not synced to Favorites or My Collections in the Maps application on other devices that are logged into the...
  14. I

    Maps is just showing a blank grid

    Last night I tried to use Maps, which won't load and is just showing a blank grid. Internet connection is fine so it's not a connectivity issue and address searches yield results. Didn't have any problems before. Toggling between Map and Satellite view doesn't yield any difference. Google maps...
  15. F

    Apple Maps with Weird U-Turns

    Title says it all. Apple Maps frequently has me turn the opposite direction that seems logical, only to have me make a u-turn at an arbitrary location to head back the right way. iphone 7, iOS 12.01
  16. PeLaNo

    Why when I tap place that Siri found from apps it doesn’t took me directly to that POI ?

    Maps already has this POI and it’s shown correctly with the same name, but when I tap on Siri suggestions it take me to street that this place is not an actual location. Here’s an example.
  17. telepati

    Cant delete Maps Seacrh History permanently?

    Hi Guys, I am deleting all recent search history but when I open&close the app all history coming back. I have also an old iMac with El Capitan no problem on it. For High Sierra, I am using this article for clean history but no chance every restart the all history still there...
  18. Avenged110

    Map tiles no longer loading

    Just wondering if anyone else's iOS 6.x installs are no longer loading map tiles/vector data for This has only been within the last month or so that I've noticed. Using the "standard" view results in an empty grid and using "hybrid" only displays satellite data with no overlays...