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  1. ooleynich

    Universal Tag Game: Run or Lose 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

    Ready, steady, RUN! Do you like competitions? Try to run away from the tagger in the new Tag Game! Tag Game – is an exciting speed game. Collect the maximum number of coins and pass the maximum number of levels before the tagger catches you! Catch boosters and unlock super skills! A simple...
  2. phillytim

    Super Mario Maker 2! (And post your levels!)

    Super Mario 2 is at least, if not more than I had hoped! I think it offers phenomenal amounts of play, especially how much better it is from the original WiiU/3DS version and all the user-created downloadable courses! I finally bought into the Switch Online service; and I even got the...
  3. kotsoum

    Universal Duper Bros - A classic platformer experience

    Hello macrumors community, i’m an indie iOS developer and i would like to present my brand new iOS platformer game that’s available on the App Store. The gameplay is simple and classic, you control the main hero by using the gamepad for movements such walk, run, jump and hit. The main goal is...
  4. kotsoum

    Universal Super Bros! - iOS platformer for NES & Super Mario fans!

    Bro…bro..where are you? Baldy has been trapped on Pixel World and needs your help finding his lost brother. Try to stop Dr. Zold’s monsters closing your way finding your brother and destroy his evil plans. Gain lives and power-ups, collect rings, berries and tons of magical items on your way...