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mbp 14

  1. nnavas13

    Should I wait for the MBP 14" M2 Pro or buy the MBP 14" M1 Pro now?

    I am an engineering student and I need a new MacBook Pro. If I buy the M1 Pro now, it will arrive by the first week of august (I live in Spain and there is no stock anywhere because of the supply chain crisis), just in time for the next academic year. (MBP 14", 8 14 16, 16GB, 1 TB) If Apple...
  2. avetisk

    MPB 14 vs MPB 16

    After carefully reading the specs for M1 MAX and differences between the two models (14 & 16), I noticed only one thing which sets the both appart (aside from the obvious body size and less obvious battery life): High Power Mode (HPM). I was curious about how much power it would actually bring...
  3. F

    MBP 13 VS MBP 14 for Graphic Designer

    Hey guys! I'm a graphic designer working from home on my iMac 27. But I was looking to buy a laptop to occasionally work when I travel or I just want to go to a coffee shop to mix things up. I can't decide between an MBP 13'' 16GB, 256SSD (1 709,00 €) VS MBP 14 base model (2 349,00 €). Is the...
  4. L

    New MBP 14 : Very confused, need advice

    Hi, First of all, sorry for any spelling errors, english is not my first language. First time on this forum because I really neew help to choose my new work-gaming-social life-everything companion. Right now, I have a mid-2011 iMac. When I bought it, my plan was to keep it for 10 years... But...