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mbp 15" 2017

  1. Johnwiz

    Which one should I choose?

    I have two deals on the table : 1- MBP Mid 2017 15" i7-2,9GHz 7 generation (3.9GHz turbo) 16GB RAM and 512 GB with radeon Pro 560- COST 1800$ 2- MBP 2018 15" I7- 2.2GHz 8 genaration (4.1GHz turbo) 16 GB RAM and 256 GB with radeon Pro 555X -COST 2350$ Wich one would you guys choose?
  2. L

    Macbook Pro Radeon Pro 555 for editing videos

    I am thinking of getting the Macbook Pro with Radeon Pro 555 (256 gb) as the specked out version with Radeon 560 (512 gb) is 450$ more in my country and that is something i'd rather save if the 555 would be able to take the load for 4k editing. What would you suggest i do? save or get the 560...
  3. J

    MBP 2017 Speaker blown 5 times

    Long story short, I got a refurbished 2016 15" MBP, the speaker blew 3 times, each time they repaired it by replacing the top case and logic board until they gave me a 2017 15" MBP replacement. I thought the problem would be solved but it happened 2 weeks ago, sent in for repair again. Just this...
  4. Paul_835

    Why neutral advice MBP 2017?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering why the buyers' advice for the new MBP is neutral, and mid-cycle. Isn't the 2017 MBP model brand new? It does say "buy now " for the 2017 MB. Just wondering.. And also because 4 weeks ago I bought the 2017 MBP 15" LOL. I'm new to Mac, been using iPhones for years...
  5. G

    Which Macbook Pro 15" would be good for video editing use?

    So I know basically nothing about how the ram and memory specs work for running softwares. I'm buying macbook pro 15" for video editing and other graphic design use. Could anyone give an advice what I should get to run those adobe programs smooth and fast? 1. Apple MacBook Pro 15 "Touch Bar...
  6. StrollerEd

    moving on from 2012 13” MBP

    I’ve enjoyed the 13” MBP (4lbs) ‘on the road’, having some grunt for occasional data/stats work, but must now find a replacement m/c. Choices, choices … having some cash to spend but not wishing to over-spend - nor to have to upgrade for a few years, but then will. Buying in UK, and...
  7. tehaer

    MacBook Pro 2017 - Struggling with the size/hardware

    Hello, First of all, I would like to say hello to the users of the forum, as I am a new one :) Since one month I am thinking about getting rid of my 6 years old Samsung's Ultrabook (Series 5) and replacing it with MacBook Pro. I am a Windows user since 18 years. I've never used Mac OS, aside...