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mbp 2018

  1. A

    Advice on the best MacBook for using a virtual machine

    Hey guys! I'm choosing a new MacBook and persist in a quiet a confusion after several days of reading and thinking. :) I choose between 2018 rMBA and 2018 13' tbMBP. And specific configurations. The cornerstone of Mac's resources use is that I'm unfortunately forced to use a single (damn!)...
  2. J

    Buying a 2018 MBP 15"

    Dear all, I would like to sell my 13" mbp (late 2013) and get a new 15" computer. I mostly use it to write stuffs and do some modelling (PhD student), I would eventually like to be able to run civ 6 without the computer overheating (med settings is ok for me). That said, I am considering the...
  3. M

    MBP2018 with 32GB RAM

    hi, Just ordered a new MBP 2018 with 32GB RAM. Considering the RAM is directly soldered to the main board, does anyone know how Apple handles non-standard build orders? Will they dismantle off-the-shelf standard unit and solder the extra memory?
  4. R

    MBP 2018 gets extremely hot while backup

    Hey there, today I did the first backup on my 15" (i7) MBP 2018. I connected a new Samsung T5 SSD via USB-C Port and started the back with time machine. After a few moments the MBP started to get extreme hot even the keyboard keys got warm. The CPU was used by just 50%. There was no App...
  5. spizer511

    Q? - Hack/replacement keyboard for 2017-18 MBP?

    I did a quick search on the forums, so apologies if this has already been discussed and I missed it. Has anyone heard of an aftermarket keyboard for the latest gen of Macbook Pros? I wandered through the Apple store today and tried the 15in 2018 MBP and gotta say, *sigh*. Ignoring the...
  6. kff

    Early 2013 GPU dead, eGPU as a temporary fix?

    Hi everyone, first time posting here. My 650m discrete GPU died on me, I decided to invest in a new laptop. After seeing that this generations 15 inch premium model maxes out at 16gb of ram, and im doing a lot of video editing, im thinking to wait for next years models which will (hopefully)...