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micro sd

  1. 1

    Unable to encrypt MicroSD card

    I have a Sandisk Extreme 128GB, my intention is to use for my music library on Macbook Pro (Mojave). I would prefer to use it encrypted but have run into issues with disk utility. The option to partition is greyed out in disc utility and the option to encrypt in Finder is not there at all...
  2. H

    Best SD card to expand memory?

    I have a Macbook Air 13'' with a 128GB SSD. I need to save up some memory for the daily works. I realize that moving the iTunes Library (~/Music/iTunes) to an external drive would be a nice way to save up more or less 20 GB... I was thinking about buying a micro SD card/SD card. This one has to...
  3. BasilFawlty

    FiiO device doesn't always show in Finder

    This is not a huge issue, but I'm somewhat curious if anyone knows why this happens. I have a FiiO High Def music player that has two Micro SD cards installed. They are both formatted as MS-DOM (Fat 32). When I plug the player into my computer, I see two drives, one for each card. TF1 and...
  4. Z

    MicroSD cards on my iMac

    What hardware do i need to see a MicroSD card on my Mid 2010 iMac?