1. T

    Mac Mini and display mirroring

    Maybe a silly question but I ve read at some point the display mirroring beetween imacs and minis, for example, were disable recently - possibly due OSX or imac configuration specs. I see the new 6 core mini (at 1099) as a good upgrading option pairing with my 2012 27" imac screen. Does the...
  2. O

    Mirroring iPhone to tablet WITHOUT WiFi

    Hello. Signed up specifically to ask this question. I have an iPhone 5s, iOS 11. I work in an area ‘WITHOUT’ WiFi. I have unlimited data plan. I want to mirror iPhone to larger portable screen (cheap tablet, perhaps?) to watch Netflix and run apps. Is this possible? I’ve asked dozens of...
  3. T

    Airplay Mirroring and Battery Consumption

    Hi, I’ve been using for some time and app called “AirBeamTV (Mirror for Samsung TV)” to wirelessly mirror my rMBP 2015 to my Samsung Smart TV via wifi. I noted that the battery drains pretty quickly. I use it to mirror the rMBP while streaming videos. The battery can easily drop around 20% in...
  4. K

    Mirror one iPad to Another

    Hey guys, This might have already been posted, if it has and you want to just post a link to the thread that would be helpful. I am going to buy two new iPad Pros, and during a presentation, I want to hold one in my hand, scroll around, click around etc...and I want it to mirror exactly what...
  5. H

    [FREE APP] ApowerMirror: Display iPhone/iPad screen on your computer

    There are fewer applications that can display iPhone/iPad screen on your computer if you search on the web. Fortunately, there is ApowerMirror. What is this application and what is it capable to do? ApowerMirror is a desktop program for Windows or Mac that allows the mirroring of your...
  6. S

    Mirroring not working with Mac

    I'm on Sierra version 10.12 and when I try and mirror to my AppleTV I get audio but no image. I tried this with my iPhone and both the audio and visual is fine which eliminates connection issues from the Apple TV to my TV. Any help on what settings etc I need to change on my Mac?
  7. N

    Anti-glare screens for current and future models rMBP

    I hold a steady grip of my 15" antiglare MBP along with a newer rMBP. Is there any ideas why it's not possible to buy a computer with antiglare screens anymore? Any suggestions on how to get halfway there by (buying) adhesing a matte layer to the screen?
  8. drlib2011

    Airplane mode not mirroring 7+ 10.1b5

    Hello I have a 7+ 256g and just put on 10.1 beta 5 and was using the airplane mode and it does enable on the watch but (setting are mirror iPhone) but does not disable AW SS 2 with 3.0 any one have this happen? I did do a bug report on it also
  9. A

    Workaround for watching iPhone on tv

    So my tv provider has an app that lets me watch live tv, my DVR, and on demand on an app on my iPhone or iPad. However when I go to plug it into my tv on my boat via HDMI, it says something about licensing issues don't allow me to do that. I can't plug into my tv and have my tv mirror what's...
  10. A

    Hide a program from secondary screen

    Hi guys, I have a secondary screen connected which is mirroring my main screen. I would like to know if I can have an application only show on my main screen. I don't want to make the secondary screen an extended screen since I have to present something and during this presentation I have to...
  11. Y

    Airplay won't stream videos on certain websites.

    My problem is that I can't stream movies via Airplay on certain websites. For example: I can play videos from a site (rainiertamayo.com) on my computer but as soon as I switch on mirroring via the Apple tv, the stream freezes and won't play anymore. It had been working just fine for a few...
  12. M

    OS X Yosemite - Problems mirroring (HDMI or VGA cable)

    Hi, I have a MacBook Air with OS X Yosemite and I can't mirror my computer on a TV (HDMI cable) ou a projector (VGA cable). First problem: when I plug the cable, it doesn't connect automatically. Second problem: all the tutorials I read ask to go to "System Preferences" --> "Displays" -->...
  13. justintime333

    Audio Sync Issues: Apply TV 3, iPad Air and B&W A7 Speaker

    Here's what I'm trying to do: iPad Air 2 playing a movie in AVPlayerHD Mirroring to Apple TV 3 Which is connected to a proyector via HDMI AND I'm trying to output the audio from my Apple TV via Airplay (not wired) to a Bowers & Wilkins A7 Speaker. Horrribly out of sync. 1. Is this possible...