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mp4 - m4v

  1. M

    Need help burning DVDs with Any Video Converter

    Hey, all... I've run into a problem burning DVDs using Any Video Converter. I have an old MacBook Pro mid-2012 with a built-in DVD drive that I've always used for burning MP4s to DVD using AVC. I recently upgraded the MacBook's OS to Mojave and now the DVDs I burn won't play in any standalone...
  2. ylluminate

    MP4 preview hangs in Finder?

    I've found that with the last 3 or so betas for 10.13 and the final release that MP4 preview in Finder has been hanging consistently and requires a Force Quit / restart of Finder. Apple has been silent on the issue with me for over two months even though I keep pestering them. Has anyone else...
  3. maverick28

    Resolved iMovie 9 produces gigantic files on import, fails to generate thumbnails

    Hello, dear friends, begging for your help, I'm recutting a video I made of individual video files 1.5 years ago. All went smoothly then but now it became such a pain and I can't seem to figure out why. Software: OS X 10.7.5, iMovie 9.0.9 Hardware: MacBook Pro, mid-2012 15" non-Retina, 2.3 GHz...