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ms office

  1. M

    Word for Mac changing spancing, header and text line

    Hello. Does anyone know how to make default settings in MS Word for Mac? I did it for the text so I belive there is also an option to make other things default. I made a screenshot on which part I would like to go default. Thanks.
  2. M

    iPad How is Microsoft Office on the base iPad? Is it any different from the desktop version (Windows)?

    I'm thinking of getting a new iPad and the main programs that I want to run is MS Office - Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Is the iPadOS version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint any different from the desktop version (Windows) and what do you get with the Office 365 subscription? Thanks in advance...
  3. H

    Free Alternatives to MS Office

    I'd like to dump MS Office. The only thing I really use it for is Word. Is there a free alternative for this to use with High Sierra? And is MS Office the only place to get PowerPoint? Thanks
  4. Doth

    MS Office Questions

    Hey Guys, I have been running MS Office 2011 on a my 2011 MBP and then my 2013 MBPr. I bought the disc in 2011 and it had a license for 5 computers. I have no idea how it I got it on the 2013, because it didn't have a disc drive. Fast forward to last week. I ordered a 2017 MBP and a 12.9...
  5. O

    MS Office on Windows bootcamp-Does it use my whole CPU?

    Dear Forum, I apologize if this has already been answered, I searched the google-webs and this forum, but couldn't find an answer to my specific question. The way that I understand it, when I run 2016 MS Office for Mac OSX on my MacBook Pro (2011, 15", quad core i7), it only uses one of my...