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  1. rnwebsterva1

    iPhone IOS 13 / Carplay / navigation

    With OS13 and Carplay / navigation will next turn info show up on instrument panel?
  2. S

    How to change iPhone default apps

    Hello My goal is to control iPhone remotely. For that I use either Apple Watch or my headphone (Bose QC is). In a few cases I prefer to use not Apple but rather Google app for the same functionality. Example: I prefer to use Google map vs. Apple map. Hence when I invoke navigation it...
  3. O

    Universal GA Flight Tracker, Navigation and Recording

    Hi all, Give this one a quick spin and let me know your thoughts! This one gives ForeFlight a run for it's money - all in that this app is FREE to use with many great navigation features. This app also allows you to record onboard audio, broadcast your flight in real-time to their website and...
  4. RSmith2023

    iPhone Apple Maps & Routing

    I REALLY want to use Apple Maps as my default navigation app but I cannot. Apple Maps seems to have preset “spokes” in its possibilities for navigation routes. This is particularly evident when attempting to travel between locations over “back” or secondary roads. Apple Maps will prefer to route...
  5. M

    CarPlay GPS issue

    I recently bought a new car (Mercedes Benz CLA 180) and tried using Apple CarPlay in it. Everything else works except navigation apps. When I use either Google maps or Apple maps, the current location gets constantly switched between the actual current location and somewhere in the middle of the...
  6. cfc

    Apps WorkOutDoors: New workout features

    The new version of WorkOutDoors adds many new features to make it the most powerful and configurable workout app for Apple Watch (IMHO), as well as being the only app that shows a fully functional vector map to aid navigation. This new thread is all about the new workout features in version...
  7. M

    tomtom app works in airplane mode

    Hi. does anyone know how my tomtom app worked when my phone was in airplane mode? it only turned off after i turned off location services. i thought that putting your phone on airplane mode stops all signals? latest iOS on iPhone 07
  8. BrentwoodSoftware

    Use FastTrip with Pokemon Go

    Use FastTrip 2.3 to make a list of PokeStops and PokeGyms to visit. FastTrip will let you navigate to your favorite locations.
  9. slvrscoobie

    Google Maps changed the voice again?

    I went to route via google maps the other day and a different female voice than I was used to greeted me. Shes got a lower tone, and i guess less enthusiasm then the previous one. I thought I had updated something and gotten the new one, but my wifes phone (who HATES updates..) had the same...
  10. BrentwoodSoftware

    FastTrip - Navigation App

    Hi All, I just released an app to avoid traffic and plan trips called FastTrip I developed it to help me with my daily commute. It gives me a quick clean glance at estimated travel times. It is free to try with an in-app purchase to remove ads and enable some...