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not mounting

  1. Alvin777

    App That Burns .cdr .dmg .esd onto a Flashdrive on Windows 10 or 11?

    Hello, somehow inspite of Terminal methods and USB refresh apps (for weeks, many man hours), macOS Monterey won't mount any external drives (it does mount the internal drives), now I plan to burn my older macOS (like High Sierra which has been the most stable macOS by far) installer as a...
  2. Alvin777

    External Drives Won't Mount on macOS But It Does On Windows 11

    Hi. Did macOS Monterey ban other external drives from mounting on it? My external drives (a type of enclosure with extra USB slots), including my flashdrive plugged to it mounts on Windows 11 (Boot Camp) but for some reason not on macOS Monterey, when I check which are mounted using Disk...
  3. B


    I have a Macbook pro late 2011 running El Capitan. My 1T samsung external drive has suddenly stopped being recognised. It is not in Finder or in disc utility. It is however in Apple About, system report, USB. Its light goes on when connected and I've connect it with the macbook on power cord. My...
  4. jadot

    Drobo DAS not mounting and Disk Utility won't Launch

    It's there - the Drobo, I mean and the HDD that is passing through is mounting so the cable is fine (FW800 into TB adapter, into iMac). Did utility won't launch, just hangs, and there's no way to get this sucker in my finder.