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note 8

  1. ColdShadow

    I sold my iPhone X and bought a Note 8

    I sold my launch iPhone X and bought a Galaxy Note 8 instead. I feel much happier now,Note 8 is awesome, the screen quality is definitely superior to iPhone X.and the phone as a whole product is definitely better value for money and a much more fun device to own and use. it feels great in hand...
  2. Ntombi

    iPhone 8 vs. Note 8 4K video comparison

    I checked, and didn’t see this posted yet. Casey isn’t exactly unbiased, which he acknowledges up front, but I still appreciate the comparison. I’m getting neither the Note nor the iPhone 8, as I’ll be getting the X, but this is a good look at how well both cameras (and the software running...
  3. T

    Be honest. Note 8 or iPhone X

    I've owned both android and iOS devices but more so iOS. I love apple but I feel like they're cheating me with the storage configurations this time around. You either pay for 64gb which isn't enough for me or you way overpay for 256gb. I currently own a 128gb iPhone 6 Plus which is the sweet...