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  1. R

    Apple Numbers: Use filter to find any cells containing values from column

    I've mostly worked with Excel before but I'm having to achieve what I'm trying to do with Apple's Numbers application. I have a spreadsheet full of values in column A on a table called Tracker. I would like a separate table, Filter Criteria, which contains 1 column where I can paste a bunch of...
  2. Jay-Jacob

    How tell which iPhone number being called?

    My father have 2 iPhone, one personal and one from work. He have continuit/handoff turn on. Both iPhone have own number and obviously both will receive call doesn’t matter which phone number caller use. Useful for my father cos he usually forget charge one of mobiles. Sometimes he get unknown...
  3. C

    Help changing a serial number on a Macook Pro (please read first)

    Hello, My name is Cris and I read this forum for a long time, but now it's the first time I'm asking for help. My problem is the following: A couple of months ago I bought a Macbook pro mid 2015 from a second hand electronics retailer, and when I bought it I only checked the serial number on...
  4. A

    Number / Digit Keyboard?

    Does anyone know a way to get just a number/digit keyboard to pop up instead of a keyboard with letters?
  5. lonefoxvn

    Universal Balls break blocks (by Gosiha)

    Hello there, Have some fun with Balls break Blocks - a free game for iPhone and iPad. LINK: Thank you for reading, Have a great time!
  6. appreciatethehelp

    Sundry questions about time machine's "versions".

    1) Does time machine delete the oldest versions based on their age, or the number of versions created? 2) If it deletes based on age, how old do the versions have to be to get deleted? 3) If it deletes based on the number of versions created, how many versions do there have to be before the...
  7. J

    Having trouble with iMessage on iOS 11 & my iPad Pro 10.5

    So, I got the new iPad yesterday & instantly installed iOS 11. Mostly everything works great for a beta, just having one main issue. I cannot seem to get my iPad to send messages using my iPhone phone number. Has this happened to anyone? Does anyone have any solutions? I know that there will be...
  8. RichardF

    Can an app developper see the device's mobile # in iOS 10?

    How much data about the device can an app have access to in iOS 10 and do I block things beyond the location, notification and cellular Data?
  9. Doc69

    Changing iPhone image file names starting number?

    I just got a new iPhone. How can I change the starting number of the first photo from IMG_0001.JPG to the last number on my previous iPhone? I don't want my new photos to be given the same file name as on the previous iPhone.
  10. kasirus

    Universal 2048 5x5!

    :apple:Download;!/id1124725998?mt=8 "2048 5x5” is easy game that will keep you hooked for hours! Enjoy 5x5 tiles~! :apple:Download;!/id1124725998?mt=8