old macs

  1. B S Magnet

    “Satisfaction is…” [A thread about helping others with their Mac]

    I’ll start: Satisfaction is being invited over to a friend’s place (who’s raising three kids alone) and who just inherited an early ’07 iMac (an A1224), but wasn’t able to get it to boot or even turn on. They asked if I might be able to help, and I was glad to. First thing I did was just walk...
  2. thoughtwell

    Reformatting an old iMac DV SE Hard Drive

    I just pulled an ATA drive out of an iMac DV SE from Summer of 2000. It's been sitting in a storage shed at my parents' house for the last decade, and they were cleaning it out (and I forgot it was out there) so I picked it up and took out the drive to review and see if there was anything in...
  3. G

    Power Mac 8500?

    Hi, I know this is a TOTAL long-shot, but I'm wondering if anyone knows where I could find a really old Mac (Power Mac 8500 or similar) for purchase? I work as a graphic designer, and had an old one that I occasionally used for many years, that died, and still had some very old (but still...