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  1. jagooch

    How to handle Album with multiple Album Artists in iTunes?

    I have an album - In Search Of Sunrise 14 - with 3 different album artists, one for each DJ who mixed the album. Each song looks like this: Album name ( same for all ) CD X of Y album artist ( DJ who mixed the CD, 1 of 3 different DJ's ) artist name ( artist who made the song ) song title...
  2. H

    Organising photos between S7 & macbook pro

    Hi there. Can someone help me simplify my Mom's photo organisation. I've set her up so that when she take photos on her S7, they sync automatically with Dropbox & now with Google Photos. She use the MacBook Photos app a lot. She then downloads the photos from Google Photos and imports into...
  3. D

    Strategic question regarding Notes

    I have a bunch of hand-written notebooks with entries that are structured like a diary (with a date and a headline). I plan on transferring these over to Apple Notes so that they are better searchable and safer than in a physical notebook (which can get lost). Also, I plan on writing any future...
  4. G

    iTunes compilations bug (?)

    I've spent hours in iTunes this evening trying to fix compilations. In the past the way I dealt with compilations was that I entered a 'Artist Name' for each song and left 'album artist' completely blank while I checked the compilations checkbox. To say this only works patchy now would be an...