owc thermal sensor

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    iMac 27" 2017 5K retina: does it need an OWC thermal sensor adapter or NOT?

    Hi, i managed to change the internal small 32Gb pci-e ssd with a 128Gb Apple pci ssd and swapped the original Apple HDD with an aftermarket 2Tbyte HDD. I didn't placed an OWC Thermal sensor on the sata cable, even though OWC says it is needed. I am hearing perfectly the fans NOT blowing at full...
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    SSD install (not blade) with no OWC thermal sensor adaptor

    Hello everyone I have an iMac 27” 5K Late 2014 4.0Ghz i7 with an installed Apple blade drive. I removed it and installed a Crucial BX500 960Gb SSD. BUT, i didn’t install the OWC thermal sensor adaptor for this. For my surprise the fan seems to work fine, no over-speeding. Is this normal...