p2415q 4k retina

  1. _astrotim

    rMBP 15 P2415Q 4K advice

    Hello, I'm interested in setting up a new rMBP 15" w/ AMD Radeon R9 M370X to dual display two Dell P2415Q 4K monitors. I'm curious to know if this is compatible? If so, what accessories will I need to make it happen? Also, would a docking station (plug and go) work with this combo? If so, what...
  2. A

    Mac mini 2012 with Dell P2415Q

    Mac mini 2012 late 8G ram Intel Graphics HD4000 (default VRAM 1536MB modify to 2048MB) The system is 10.11.4 , working 1080P x 30Hz HiDPI on P2415Q with DisplayPort But I got some problems,it will shows blurred screen on boot and first time login in. If I logout once, it will work perfectly . Is...