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personal hotspot

  1. G-Funk

    Continuty, iPhone Hotspot , & iPhone call won't wok on iMac Pro After Big Sur upgrade

    I have noticed that my iMac pro won't recognize my iPhone 12 Pro after MacOS Big Sur Upgrade , i cannot connect to the phone to use its hotspot nor am i able to use continuity or initiate phone calls . my other Macs ( MacBook Pro's & iPad Pro ) seems to be working just fine in recognizing my...
  2. A

    iOS 14 Personal Hotspot option gone

    Ever since I installed iOS 14 and upgraded to an iPhone 12 Pro, I have not been able to enable Personal Hotspot as I always used to do. The option switch in Settings | Cellular is just completely gone. My provider is Verizon. The new 14.2 update finally has a "Set Up Personal Hotspot" link...
  3. HappyDude20

    All Devices How to Share WiFi Password from iPhone to Mac, at a Church?

    Hello, So yes, I have Personal Hotspot on my iPhone with Verizon but I am currently at a Church and my iPhone is connected to the Church's WiFi from when I first visited this church about a year ago. I'm here at the Church 3 hours early and I brought my Mac so am wanting to connect my Mac to...
  4. tekfranz

    iPhone iPhone Xs Personal Hotspot allows PC's to Connect but not Android Devices

    When using the iPhone Xs Personal Hotspot.... Windows and Apple Laptops connect fine to the iPhone Xs Hotspot. However when connecting the Samsung Galaxy Tab A to the iPhone XS Hotspot the connection drops immediately. Bluetooth internet also works to the Our Samsung Galaxy Tab A's but when we...
  5. Mr. Dee

    Glitches with Personal Hotspot Banner in iOS 10.3

    Since upgrading to iOS 10.3 on an iPhone 6s, I have been noticing an issue with the Personal Hotspot banner; particularly when on Facebook. Sometimes the banner will remain constant when in full screen mode for a video or sometimes its blotched. Anybody seeing this? See examples below. Its not...
  6. PlunderBunny

    Personal Hotspot and iPhone 5 vs 4S

    I have a MacBook Pro (El Capitan 10.11.2) and an iPhone 5 (iOS 9.2), and I've setup the personal hotspot feature. When I turn my MacBook on and there's no internet connection, I always have to go to the WiFi menu and wait for my personal hotspot (the iPhone) to appear in the menu. Sometimes it...