1. originalmagneto

    TV 4K with tvOS 13 (beta) - Steam Link with PS4 Dualshocks

    1. tvOS 13 developer beta runs surprisingly good on my TV 4K (HBOGO,Plex,Netflix,Amazon Prime, steam link all work) 2. Tried connecting the PS4 dualshock and it works great. 3. Tried Steam link with dual shock = works great 4. Tried connecting two DualShocks to my TV and they connect 5...
  2. T

    Looking for a PS1 game.

    i am looking for a ps1 game. I was really young when I was playing this game so the whole scenery is blurry in my head. All I remember is a boy jumping over lava on green pieces of land, and is trying to reach the other side where his friend is waiting for him in a ship.
  3. TylerAllen86

    Apple x Sony Mac Pro Playstation Edition

    I have a dream... Dual Boot Mac OS & Orbis OS. Full access to Playstation online store and Playstation 4 catalog. New Apple x Sony Dualshock 4s in Apple's colored aluminum. New edge to edge 4k thunderbolt displays. At $4,000+ its not like it would compete with the PS4. It would change the...